Remodelling a home is an exciting time because it allows you to permanently stamp your personality onto a property. Remodelling costs quickly add up and one way to reduce the impact on your wallet is by using reclaimed products. Take recycled bricks as an example. Not only are they cheaper than brand-new bricks, but there are other reasons why you should consider incorporating these into your project. Here are three good reasons to keep your eyes peeled for recycled bricks at bargain prices:


Bricks are a versatile product to use in any remodel construction, but recycled bricks are even more versatile if you get them at the right price. It does not make sense to buy new bricks and break them up, but when you get recycled bricks for free or very cheap, there are no qualms about breaking them down into brick chips for use in landscaping around the home. Once broken into pieces you can use them to fill in the spots the dog likes to dig, make a decorative pathway edge or even use for soil drainage around a soak hole. Whole bricks can be used for pathways, garden edging, a base for the hot water heater or a new surround for the fireplace. The possibilities are endless.


Secondly, in the age of the throwaway society, it is nice to repurpose a product so that it does not end up in the landfill. Most products are recycled by being melted down and reshaped into something new, but bricks are fire-resistant which means the only place they can go is to the dump. Apart from removing built-up soil or old mortar, recycled bricks do not need any specific attention before they are used. This means you can give them a quick clean and put them straight to work in whatever you have planned for them, rather than having them sit doing nothing at the local tip.

Already Weathered

Finally, when you use recycled bricks, you are using an item which has already been exposed to the weather elements. This means there is no need to factor in shrinkage or expansion once the bricks are exposed to outdoor elements. These bricks have already been through the process, so what you see right now is exactly the way they will remain.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should use recycled bricks in your remodelling project, so have a chat with your contractor to see where they best fit within your project plans.