Gyms and sports halls can be noisy environments. These are large open spaces that aren't always designed to deal well with noise. If your gym is an older build, then its acoustics won't necessarily be that great. Gym sessions and games become noisy experiences; if you use the hall for assemblies, lessons or exams, then it's hard to create a quiet environment. Installing acoustic panels wrapped in fabric can help manage noise in these environments. What are the benefits?

1. Get Better Noise Management

If you wrap acoustic panels in fabric, then you get different types of sound management in one solution. The fabric and its panel can both diffuse and absorb environmental noise. So, when sound hits fabric panelling, it will break up and spread. This reduces its energy and the noise it makes. The panelling also absorbs some of the sound waves. Once again, this reduces the noise in the room. While no gym will ever be completely quiet when it is used or full of active children, this dual process can reduce noise. It makes a gym a more comfortable and less echoey environment.

2. Reduce Panel Damage

The walls in your gym or sports hall can take a battering if you play high-impact sports in the space. For example, anyone playing soccer or basketball could kick or throw balls at the walls during the course of a game or training session. These impacts can damage some acoustic panelling if it gets hit. Fabric adds a protective layer that should reduce damage by absorbing some of the impact's force. If you use a glass-fibre fabric, your panels get even stronger. So, you won't have to repair damages or replace impact-affected pieces.

3. Customise Panelling Designs

Most acoustic panels are relatively plain. They blend in rather than stand out. Fabric panels can make more of a design statement. You have a range of colours and customisation options to choose from. For example, you could use fabrics on your panels in your school's colours. This gives your teams and supporters a boost when you have games or matches in the hall. If you want to take this a step further, you can have fabric printed in customised colours and designs. So, you could have the names of your teams across your walls or images of your school logo or mascot.

To find out more about the benefits of using fabric panels in your gym, contact acoustic panelling products suppliers.