A patio is one of the best ways to improve the appeal of your landscape. Other than being the perfect place to enjoy a hot afternoon, it will also increase the value of your home. So, would you want to install a patio on your property? Read the article below to learn the various considerations you should make when building a patio. 


The patio can be an independent structure on your landscape. Alternatively, you can build it as an extension at the front or back of your house. Below are tips to help you when designing the patio.

  1. The patio's size should be proportional to the size of your home. Think about what you will place on the patio. Remember, you must leave adequate space for guests to walk.
  2. Interlocking pavers, bricks, sandstone, marble and engineered wood are ideal flooring options. Be creative. 
  3. Choose a suitable roofing material. Consider wooden or aluminium panels, shingles, canvas or polycarbonates. You could also plant vines along the roof.
  4. Patio fixtures should be resistant to pests and weather damage. Purchase quality furniture and consider amenities such as barbeques and sound systems on the patio. 

Permits and Funding

You may need a permit from your local council to build the patio. Check owners' corporation and resident association bylaws to know if there are any restrictions on patio construction works. For example, the laws may prohibit you from constructing the patio in front of your home.

Prepare a budget to know how much you will spend to have the patio built. Patios are viable home improvement projects. As such, most bankers will give home renovation loans to people with a good credit history.    

Patio Builder

Conduct some research to identify reputable patio builders in your locality. Below is a guide to help you choose a patio builder: 

  1. The builder should have a reasonable pricing strategy. He or she must be clear about extra and hidden charges.
  2. Check the terms and conditions of the contract. For instance, are you allowed to fire the builder? What measures are in place to prevent and handle conflicts?
  3. Work with a builder that provides guarantees on the finished work.
  4. The professional should have adequate insurance coverage. 

With the above tips, you should have an easy time building a patio. Choose a suitable design, acquire relevant permits, organise funding and work with a skilled patio builder. For more information, reach out to patio builders near you.