Timber is one of the most common building materials. And yet not many people use it for the construction of their buildings. This could be perhaps because the benefits of this building material aren't known to a lot of people. Timber frame buildings offer significant benefits to building owners. So, if you have an upcoming building construction project, here are some of the top reasons to consider timber framing.

Thermal Insulation Properties

Many homeowners are moving towards energy-efficient products, systems and structures. That's because energy-efficient homes play a crucial role when it comes to lowering energy bills. Timber performs well when it comes to energy efficiency, thanks to its excellent thermal insulation properties. First, the wood has natural thermal insulating properties. Compared to other building materials such as steel, wood has tiny air pockets. This reduces the heat-conducting properties in the material, allowing for a more energy-efficient structure.

Besides being a natural insulator, wood also allows for more insulation space compared to other building materials such as brick. Furthermore, timber generally has low thermal mass, which means spaces in your building that will be enclosed by the timber frames will heat up and cool down faster compared to masonry construction (such as brick).

Construction Speed

Construction speed is another crucial advantage that comes with timber structures. They are usually easier and faster to build compared to masonry constructions involving brick or concrete. First, wood is a lightweight material compared to brick, blockwork or even steel. This makes it much easier to transport and install timber frames. Your timber frames can also be manufactured or prefabricated offsite, unlike brickwork or concrete, for instance. This also helps when it comes to turnaround for your construction project.

Further, the conditions under which timber structures can be installed also play a role in ensuring a faster build. For instance, timber construction can continue even in low temperatures. This wouldn't be the case for block and brick construction. Speedier installation is not only time-effective but also cost-effective.


If you are concerned about the beauty of your home (like many homeowners usually are), then timber products can offer you the desired aesthetic appearance. First, there are multiple tree species to choose from, and each species has its natural decorative aspect in terms of colour, grain, texture, etc. What's more, you can select from varnished and natural timber structures. Also, wood, being a natural product, usually blends perfectly with the surroundings. This can help create an overall aesthetically pleasing kerb appeal for your home.

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