Do you own agricultural land or a brownfield site that you want to develop? Or do you just want to build a home extension or settle a boundary dispute? There are lots of ways that land surveying can help you achieve your aims. Many people find that one of the most useful types of land surveying is topographical surveying.

What is a topographical survey?

In land surveying, a topographical survey is often used to showcase the differences that exist between the gradients of the land on the construction site and the true levels, along with the levels proposed in the initial designs. The survey will map out the land contours and indicate any existing features of the landscape, including roads, houses, trees, retaining walls and manholes. Topographical surveys are often used in conjunction with historical records, sub-surface surveys and drainage CCTV surveys to enable designers to establish a full picture of the construction area before they complete their proposed designs.

Here are three ways that this type of land surveying can benefit your project.

Gain a proper understanding of the site topography

If you are going to build on any site, it is important to understand the condition of not just the area you will be working on but also the land around it and underneath it. Gaining as much information about the site as possible will enable you to design and build a structure that is well-suited to its location and is able to withstand whatever conditions may be present in that environment.

Avoid expensive mistakes

In the construction world, it is common for projects to overrun because there are unexpected problems. The soil conditions might be different from what was expected, or perhaps there were unexpected obstacles which had to be cleared out of the way. Maybe the designers didn't adequately appreciate the slope of the land. Whatever the problem is, these issues would normally be picked up by a land surveying team and a topographical survey is the best way to avoid delays and expensive mistakes.

See how the land has changed

When you look at a piece of land, not everything about that land will be immediately apparent. A topographical survey will help to make the features of the land plain and can demonstrate the ways in which that piece of land has altered over time.

A good land surveying team will partner with you to create the topographical surveys you need and ensure that your project continues on schedule without any unexpected problems that a survey would have identified.