When dividing land, you should learn about the risks and benefits you will get. Land division is usually done to increase the value of the property. You can achieve that by using the development potential of the land. If this is your first time subdividing land as a landowner, you may not know what to do. This information will help you understand the steps to take when dividing property.

Do Your Due Diligence

Before buying property, gather all the relevant information that affects it. You can get the data from the local council. Find out the size of the property, the boundary dimensions and the existence of easements. The records from the board can give you these details. However, doing a title search confirms the data is accurate. Understanding the development potential of the land is also crucial. That enables you to know what you can develop and what you cannot. What constraints are there on the property? Elements like the neighbourhood plans influence the potential of the site. What you can do with the site is also influenced by constraints like flooding or overland flow.


Assessing feasibility may seem like a simple thing to do, but many landowners do not go through it. The process involves calculating the costs of the subdivision. These costs are then deducted from the net realisable value of the land after dividing it. That way, you know the profit you will get. During the feasibility assessment stage, ensure you include all costs in your calculations.

Market Research

If you are dividing land to make a profit, you need to know its value after the subdivision. Check the sales history of other pieces of land around. Check for other properties like yours to compare the prices. You also need to find out if another piece of land that may offer competition for buyers exists. Examine the rate at which people are buying that land. This helps you determine how long you will have to hold your property before selling.

Find a Project Manager

It is good to have someone to share ideas with. Find a professional who does such work for a living. The expert needs to have a broad knowledge of various elements you need for the project. That way, they will help you save on time and money. You will be at peace when working with an experienced professional.

Recognising all the risks and benefits involved with dividing your land is essential. You can then choose if it is the best solution. Following all the steps given is crucial. They help you get a clear idea of what to expect from your project.

For more information, contact a land divisions service.