Air conditioning is virtually mandatory in Australia when you consider how severe the temperatures can get. Not many experiences are as suffocating as walking into your home on a hot and humid day only to be engulfed in the sweltering heat. So it is unsurprising that you are in the market for air conditioning installation in your custom home build before construction is complete.

Fortunately, since you have complete control over where to spend your budget during custom home construction, you have the opportunity to ensure that the AC system you choose will not inflate your budget. Nonetheless, to do this, you need to know what factors come into play when calculating the overall cost of AC installation. This article highlights a few of the aspects that will influence the overall cost of air conditioning installation.

The cooling capacity and size of the AC system

The typical newbie mistake made by homeowners installing an AC system for the very first time is the presumption that bigger is better. The reality of the matter is that you could end up spending much more money in the long run when you simply go with size rather than factoring in the cooling capacity of the system. The more square footage in the house that will need cooling, the higher the capacity you will need, and this translates into increased costs.

Your contractor is best placed to carry out measurements to determine what capacity will be ideal. You should note that opting for an undersized AC unit under the impression that this will be affordable is also a massive blunder. If the AC capacity cannot meet the household needs, the AC will run continually. This translates into high electricity bills and eventual failure of the system.

The add-ons you want along with your AC system

The second aspect that will have a direct influence on the overall cost of air conditioning installation is the add-ons you want to enhance the functionality of the system. Considering that you plan to live in the house for the long term, you should prioritise the add-ons that will provide your household with the utmost comfort.

Air purifiers are a great inclusion, as they will ensure your indoor air quality is not compromised. You may also want to consider either a dehumidification or humidification feature depending on your location. For example, if you or your loved ones suffer from respiratory problems, a humidifier is a great add-on to keep breathing issues at bay.

Further aspects that need to be factored in to have an idea of your overall air conditioning installation costs include the setting up of new ductwork, SEER ratings for energy-efficient cooling, the brand and more.