There are dozens of different materials that are popular all across Australia when it comes to building a house. From the brick beach houses built in the 1970s to the more modern all-glass fronted apartments in the inner cities, there is a wide range of homes to pick and choose from. Natural stone is growing in popularity because of its unique advantages over its competitors. Here are three great qualities that natural stone offers. These qualities are helping it sweep the nation to become Australia's material of choice. 

Thermal Properties

Australia is a very hot country for much of the year. No matter what part of the country you are in you will face 20, 30 even 40 degree days routinely through spring, summer and autumn. Natural stone has very good cooling properties that keep it at a lower temperature for much longer than synthetic variants. This can also help you keep your air conditioning costs down in the summertime because your cooling unit won't have to work for as long or as hard to achieve the temperature you desire. If staying cool is your main priority, natural stone is a good option for your flooring or fixtures. 


Natural stone is extremely easy to keep clean. Carpet, timber and vinyl flooring options can stain easily, and it can be quite difficult to get packed dirt and bacteria out of the material when cleaning. Even tile has some downside, with the grout in between the tiles often getting a more concentrated dose of the same gross properties. Natural stone has far fewer corners and spaces for dirt and grime to get a hold in. A simple mopping or even a quick vacuum can pick up anything that was remaining on the surface that you haven't already spotted.


While natural stone may have many utilitarian advantages over its competitors, it is popular because so many people find it so stunningly beautiful. The natural variations and patterns make it very appealing to people looking for a unique artistic flair in their property. Natural stone also comes in many different colours — from deep blacks to firey amber and everything in between. No two natural stone variants are the same; marble is completely different from limestone and so on. That means if you find one type boring, then there are still fifty more options to choose from. Natural stone also doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, with constant deals happening all over the country, and more budget-friendly types available to fit any home. 

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