Concrete is arguably the most commonly used material for the construction of both commercial and residential flooring systems.

Without going into the many advantages of using concrete as a flooring system, this article seeks to shed some light on polished concrete as a flooring option. Learn more about polished concrete below.

What It Is

Concrete polishing is a way to enhance the aesthetic value of a concrete floor. In the simplest of language, polished concrete is concrete that has been smoothed using heavy duty equipment in order to achieve a gloss-like shine and appearance on the concrete floor.

Therefore, polished concrete is not a type of concrete but rather a kind of finishing that can be done on concrete floors.

The polished finish is preferred over other finishes because it creates a clean, neat and sophisticated appearance when used on concrete floors.

How Polishing Is Done

Concrete polishing is done using specialized equipment. The equipment encompasses the uses of diamond-laden discs that are used to grind the concrete surface. The heavy duty grinding equipment is used on the concrete floor until the level of smoothness required for the concrete surface has been reached.

After the concrete floor has been smoothed, a large number of people prefer to add colour to the polished concrete surface using concrete dyes. The addition of colour makes the concrete floor more attractive.

Because concrete dyes are available in nearly all colours imaginable, it is very easy to have a polished concrete floor that blends in well with the colour theme of the room in which the polished concrete floor is installed.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

There are three main benefits associated with the polishing of concrete floors.

Firstly, there is the fact that a polished concrete floor does not need any other floor covering. Therefore, you will not need to spend extra money on carpets and/or tiles for a polished concrete floor. The polish itself makes the concrete floor beautiful enough not to need any other type of cover.

Second, polished concrete is advantageous in the sense that it makes the concrete floor breathable. This means that a polished concrete floor is less likely to have moisture related problems than a concrete floor covered with tiles.

Last but not least, a polished concrete floor is all that much easier to clean. A simple wipe using a wet mop might be all that is needed to keep polished concrete clean.