How much thought do you give to your HVAC cooling tower? While a cooling tower is a vital part of your HVAC system, it can be easy to forget about it. You can fall into a routine of turning your system on or off as needed but never find the time to carry out any maintenance. However, this bad habit could have potential consequences.

Why cooling tower maintenance matters

A cooling tower that is poorly maintained may not look any different from the outside but it could still be a breeding ground for deadly bacteria. Eventually, you could face an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease or something equally nasty. The best way to avoid the possibility of disease is to institute an effective cooling tower maintenance regimen as soon as possible. There are at least three things that should be part of any cooling tower maintenance schedule.

Treat the water and remove the limescale

The water is always going to be a central feature of your HVAC system and if you don't treat it properly the contaminated water could infect the whole HVAC system. Apply appropriate water treatment methods and avoid the possibility of a complete system failure.

As the water evaporates, a further problem can develop as deposits of limescale are left behind. If these deposits are allowed to grow unchecked then they will start to impinge on the efficiency of your entire HVAC system and cause system-wide deterioration. Arrange for regular descaling as a part of your maintenance regimen, as this is the best way to ensure that your system stays efficient and that your bills stay under control.

Clear out the pipework

Within every HVAC system, there are normally many miles of pipework which can become clogged with slime and algae if not regularly cleaned out. A good maintenance regimen will always involve clearing out these pipes so that your HVAC operates efficiently. A good HVAC engineer will have the right equipment to access all of these pipes and ensure that they are thoroughly cleared so that your HVAC operates as the manufacturer intended.

Check the temperature

If your pipes are clear but the air flowing out of your HVAC doesn't feel as cool as you expect, then your fan may be misaligned or damaged. It is also possible that debris from within the cooling tower is blocking the flow of air. If you notice that sludge has started to accumulate you must clear it out of the way before it impacts the performance of your HVAC.