Excavation is the removal of soil and rocks from the earth with the help of tools, construction equipment and vehicles. It is mostly done during earthwork, tunnelling, trenching, footing, roadway clearing, wall shafts, foundation work, etc. That is why you may come across excavation terms like rock excavation, trench excavation, topsoil excavation, roadway excavation or underground excavation.

If not carried out professionally, excavation has risks; that is why it is important to use a reputable excavation company. Here are some of those and how they are avoided:

Excavation Risks

It is not uncommon to find sewer, water, gas, chemical, electric, fuel and telecommunication lines or pipes running underground. If careful examination of the excavation site is not done, excavation vehicles or equipment can easily damage such infrastructure.

If there are structures located around the excavation site, their stability has to be examined before excavation work begins. Vibrations and interference with the soil and rocks can compromise the stability of such structures.

Is there a likelihood that water or other liquids can rush into the tunnel or channel? What about rocks or heavy materials dropping on people in the trench? There should be measures put in place to avoid such circumstances.

These are some of the reasons why hiring a reputable excavation company is a good idea. This ensures that the mentioned risks are kept at bay.

When Choosing an Excavation Company

Ensure you choose a company that carries out or has carried out the kind of excavation work you require. For example, if you need foundation excavation services, hire a company that deals with foundation excavation. Likewise, if you need trench excavation services, hire a company that handles trench excavation.

This helps you find a company that has the pieces of equipment or vehicles needed for the particular excavation services you require. You should also have a look at the excavation equipment to see how well they are maintained. If you think you won't be able to tell, visit the excavation company with a specialist who can inspect the equipment.


Of course, excavation costs depend on your excavation needs and how big they are. If there are more risks, various measures have to be put in place to mitigate them, meaning additional costs. You should be able to get an accurate total cost after the site has been evaluated and your excavation plan examined. The excavation company might need to liaise with other specialists in your construction team.

Reach out to an excavation company in your area for more information.