Whether you are working on renovating or repairing an industrial facility, your number one objective is to guarantee the safety of workers, especially for maintenance and repair works carried out at height. It is essential to prioritise safety if you consider that claims resulting from falls attract at least 6 weeks off and an average of $14,000 in compensation. With these statistics in mind, there is every reason for facility managers in industrial facilities to approach scaffolding hire services with care. This article highlights keys services every industrial facility should look for in a scaffolding service provider.

Scaffolding Auditing

It is one thing to rent scaffolding equipment and assemble it, but another to ascertain safety standards. Notably, most industrial facilities do not confirm the safety of scaffolding, especially if the workers have experience with scaffolding assembly. Unfortunately, experience in scaffolding assembly is not enough to guarantee safety at height. Knowledge in scaffolding audit can do that because it primarily involves checking the different parts of the scaffolding for deterioration.  Therefore, when hiring scaffolding services, ensure that scaffolding auditing is part of the package since it helps to build confidence and improve the productivity of workers.

Scaffolding Customisation

Industrial repairs are not the same; therefore, you should expect different areas within a facility to pose different challenges with standard scaffolding. For instance, if you are repairing the inner walls of a cooling tower, standard scaffolding will not work on the curved inner walls. You will need scaffolding that fits into the worksite properly, and in this case, curved scaffolding will get the work done. You can only get such service from a firm that customises scaffolding to suit customer requirements. If you hire a service provider with a limited range of scaffolding designs, the chances are that unique industrial maintenance needs will not be addressed. Therefore, examine the scaffolding firm's portfolio for the range of customised parts.

Labour Supply

Modern architecture is pushing the boundaries of construction as buildings are becoming taller, and this means that scaffolding needs to go further up. It is the only way facility managers can cope with maintenance and repair requirements of such industrial facilities. Unfortunately, working at such unprecedented heights is not for the faint at heart, and that is why most industrial facilities face maintenance staffing issues. For this reason, you need to hire a service provider who can offer a qualified workforce when you need them. You will no longer have to worry about assigning ten workers for a job that requires at least 30 people.

You can reach out to industrial scaffolding services in your area for more information.