An array of cabinet materials will confront you when you're picking new cabinets — solid wood, MDF, particleboard or plywood are among the typical contenders. Each of these offers various finishes: full gloss, matte or semi-gloss. Following are several considerations to bear in mind when selecting one finish over another.

Full Gloss

By reflecting light around a room, glossy cabinet doors brighten up spaces, maximising existing illumination whether it's entering via windows or radiating from light globes. A small or cramped kitchen will benefit from this extra lightness, which will subtly give the impression of larger dimensions. Thus consider your kitchen size and lighting when choosing a cupboard finish. 

Remember though, that shiny surfaces tend to display mirrored impressions—be it vague and smudged—of the objects and elements which sit opposite. For instance, a red-painted wall in front of glossy white cabinets will exhibit across the doors. Thus when planning a renovation, factor in the overall layout as it will crucially affect the final result. You may wish to avoid reflections particularly, for example, in a cluttered or busy decor. Bear in mind, also, that shine tends to show fingerprints and marks with ease.

It's not only the glossiness of a surface that affects its reflectiveness, but also its darkness or lightness of hue. Because dark colours bounce less light than pale ones, if you want to install navy, chocolate or black cabinetry, a glossy surface will help to prevent a sense of heaviness by offering some dimension and shine. 

Matt And Semi-Gloss

Because matte cupboard doors don't create a blurry-mirror effect, they display a more consistent, even colour. Whether white, grey, green or any other hue, matte cupboards—devoid of reflected tones—will look purer and smoother as a result. However, consider the room dimensions and brightness before going for a flat finish which will tend to absorb rather than bounce light rays.

The middle road—a semi-matte finish—offers a soft glow without so many smudged reflections as full gloss cabinetry. Thus, a kitchen will benefit from a degree of light reflectiveness and brightness, and the cupboards with show a more consistent colouring.

Thus when picking, with your kitchen designers, a finish for your cabinetry, consider the impact of its finish. Glossy cupboards will help create a sense of spaciousness and airiness in your kitchen. However, depending on whatever's opposite, they can mirror a distracting blurry sense of other objects. Matte cupboards show off a more pure colour, but don't brighten up a space, while semi-gloss surfaces brighten to some degree without so many reflections.

To learn more, reach out to local kitchen designers