Glass shower screens may allow light to flow freely throughout a bathroom, but they also allow for free vision around the space. This means that when showering, you'll have little privacy if several people use the room simultaneously. While this may not bother you too much, an alternate option is available: decorative frosted screens which increase privacy. Read on for some ideas to inspire your installation. 

Classic Effects

To create an elegant impression, you could install a shower door with a statement filigree etching running down its length. Such an ornate motif will incorporate a sense of luxury into the bathroom. To integrate the etched door with the overall decor, echo a decorative swirl from an embellished mirror frame or hint at the curves on the legs of a free-standing bathtub. 

Organic Themes

Don't forget about nature when considering a frosted door design. Mimic the textures of natural stone, flowing rainwater, or grainy sand. Botanical themes of curling foliage, of leaves and flowers, create more avenues for expression. You can select between degrees of opacity to create the right level of privacy for you. Some doors feature the frosting only across the middle sections of the screens, leaving the top and bottom clear. Such designs balance the needs for privacy and light.

Geometric Designs

Rather than exquisite filigrees or nature-inspired textures, you could opt for geometric patterns of circles, squares, diamonds or lines. For instance, a line sequence of increasing widths gives a smart, modern look. Or you could go funky with a series of circles and polka dots. Art deco designs of repeating fan shapes or symmetrical angular motifs are other possibilities to consider, depending on your bathroom style.

Custom Designs

For a unique frosted shower, you might consider a custom design. It could feature a scenic view of rolling hills or a series of words and letters in beautiful cursive writing. Your imagination is the only limit when planning the shower. You can spread a design that continues across all panels or vary the decoration in some way on each while maintaining a unified design. 

As well as offering privacy, frosted glass is also easier to clean than clear glazing as it won't show up soap scum and fingerprints so readily. Thus you can relax in the shower, even with others in the bathroom going about their business, and you won't have to bother so much about cleaning.

For more information about glass shower screens, contact a glass company.