It is often rather unfortunate that many first-time home builders are forced to settle for parcels of land that are relatively smaller than what they had hoped for. This is often attributed to the ever-increasing cost of land parcels.

This does not necessarily mean that you cannot build your dream home simply because you have a relatively smaller lot. It only means that you will need to ensure maximum use of the available space.

A few ideas on how to maximise your space for land development are presented in this article.

The Right Equipment

The first challenge that you will face developing a small parcel of land is that of access to heavy construction equipment. You need to make maximum use of the available space right from the onset of the construction exercise.

Thus, you will need to hire construction equipment that is designed especially for small spaces. Examples of these include mini-excavators and spiders.

Luckily for you, the cost of hiring such equipment is often lower than that of hiring the standard-sized equipment.

Build Underground and Above the Ground

One of the most prudent ways to maximise the use of available space is to use as much vertical space as you can. In a sense, this means that a multi-storied house will be a better investment for a small space than a ground-level house.

The construction of a multi-storied house is bound to be more expensive than what it would take to build a ground-level house. However, the advantage is that you will not have to sacrifice on the size of your internal rooms with a multi-storied house.

For example, you will have more space for a bigger living room or kitchen if you choose to have bedrooms on the second floor.

In the same breath, you can increase the amount of useable space around your lot by building below the ground. Rather than have your basement only under the ground, you can choose to have a gym (if you had planned to build one) or even additional bedrooms built under the ground level.


Landscaping is an important part of land development. While an abundance of tall trees around you might sound pleasant, they might not be the most ideal for small parcels of land.

Smaller shrubs and flowering plants would be a more viable option because they will not block the views around your property. Thus, your property will seem much larger than it is.