Scaffold hire is one of the first things most construction contractors will cross off the list when getting ready for a new project. If you are preparing for your next build and aren't quite sure what you will need, it can be confusing to decide. There are many different types of scaffolding that you could choose and not a lot of information out there on which one would be relevant for which task. Here is a quick breakdown of the three most important bits of scaffolding you need to cover all your bases. 


Your regular ladder technically falls under the same category as every other type of scaffolding, and it is easy to see why: it is a temporary structure used to access great heights. You need at least a few ladders on every worksite to do the small tasks that don't really necessitate the construction of regular scaffolding. Maybe a light needs installation, or maybe some paint needs to be touched up. Ladders are your go-to, everyday bit of scaffolding that you should definitely not forget to hire if you don't already own some.

Mobile Scaffolding

Mobile scaffold hire is important for jobs that need a lot of equipment but also for jobs that require you to move around a fair bit. Mobile scaffolds feature adjustable heights with helpful platforms at the top that allow you to have paint tins, cladding, tools and anything you might possibly need to make the outside of the building look great. Mobile scaffolding is also sometimes used to install light fixtures and other things on the ceiling from the inside of the building. That makes it much more adjustable than regular scaffolding but more stable than ladders: the perfect in-between. 

Static Scaffolding

This is the traditional scaffolding that you often see attached to the outside of large construction projects. Static scaffolding is essential for any construction project because it allows you to transport materials vertically, work on the outside of the building in rain, hail or shine and go as high as you possibly need to. Mobile scaffolding and ladders both have height restrictions on them. Static scaffolding can virtually go as high as you want, although on skyscrapers and other extremely tall buildings it needs to be designed for different conditions. However, for most sites, static scaffold hire should be your first choice. 

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