One way to incorporate something new and surprising into the decor during home renovations is to install barn doors, which suit almost any room you can think of. While conventional doors are often an afterthought, a barn door attracts attention. Read on to discover further benefits of barn doors.


Standard swinging doors might themselves be slim, but the floor area they take up within a room is much larger. This is because when it comes to arranging the furniture, you need to be mindful of the swinging arc they require. Barn doors, however, slide neatly alongside the wall, maximising room space. Thus, you'll be able to arrange the room layout depending on other factors and reclaim that extra space. You will need to factor in the wall area along which the door slides. It needs to be free of elements such as light switches. 

Design Options

Going by their name, barn doors sound as if they're fit for rustic-style homes. While this is true—and many stained timber versions fit such an aesthetic—barn doors can enhance modern, industrial and many other styles of decor also. For instance, rather than raw wood, you could use clear or frosted glass, steel or painted timber. 

Without the frame structure that a conventional door requires, a simple, undetailed barn door design evokes a minimalist, contemporary feel. Alternatively, a style consisting of several planks with crossbars, or one with a highly contoured, classic profile, will give an entirely different impression. You can alter the aesthetics directly with your choice of door.


Sometimes you may desire open-plan living in your home, while at other times you might prefer discrete areas so that some people can study in one space while others watch TV in another. Barn doors offer both possibilities. They're ideal for separating living areas from dining areas, or kitchens from dens. You can install double barn doors to provide a spacious entryway.

Distinctive Talking Points

Additionally, it's refreshing to try something new. Standard swinging doors throughout a home can be boring because they are so commonplace. Barn doors add a fresh, unexpected twist. Additionally, unlike pocket doors that move within a wall cavity, barn doors sit against the wall. They thus tend to work like pieces of art. In a room devoid of architectural features like crown mouldings or fireplaces, barn doors inject interest, texture and dimension. 

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