Having a residential tennis court is very convenient. The sad thing is that most people with tennis courts only think about maintenance when it is too late. If you have a tennis court, you need to understand some common issues that affect them. It is also good to know the measures to take to ensure your court is in the best state. That way, you can prevent severe damage that will cost you a lot of cash. This article gives information on signs that you need tennis court resurfacing.

Cracks on the Court

The most obvious sign of a need to resurface is when the tennis court starts getting cracks. Most of these cracks are caused by you placing heavy items on the court. The weight of these items could lead to the cracking of the court surface. Once you notice the appearance of these cracks, call a resurfacing pro. Waiting for too long before calling them could make the situation worse. The cracks will get more profound, and they will require a lot of work to be fixed.

Accumulation of Standing Water

If there is no adequate drainage, water can start building up on the tennis court after raining. When water begins collecting on the court, it will leave behind a lot of debris. When you neglect to remove the water, it will cause abrasion on the surface. That way, you will not have fun when playing the game. The ideal thing is to call in qualified experts to clean the courts. 

Presence of Bubbles on the Court

Bubbles on the court usually look like soft humps or bubbles. They are of varying sizes. You will mainly find these bubbles in the parts of the court that are typically isolated. When you step on them, they produce a hollow sound. The sound shows the presence of space between the surface of the court and the ground under it. You can prevent these bubbles from appearing by ensuring you have proper drainage. Once they have formed, you will need the expert services of resurfacing technicians to help you get rid of them. 

In conclusion, tennis court resurfacing will bring you many advantages. You can bring life back to your court and increase its lifespan. Also, it prevents the tennis court from fading due to heat damage. However, you should not attempt to do the resurfacing by yourself. The process is complicated and needs someone with the right skills and knowledge for the job. Therefore, find a professional who does tennis court resurface work to help you with the project.