If your construction project will take place on a road, you should use a traffic control service. Read on to learn why.

You won't have to assign any of your team members any traffic management duties

Many companies that offer traffic control services can provide their clients with traffic marshals, whose job it is to manage traffic flow through in a particular area; this ensures that motorists don't crash into the area or cause injuries to anyone working in this spot. If you don't use this service, you'll need to assign this job to at least one or two members of your construction team. If several people have to do this work, you may then be short-staffed and may find that your team takes much longer to complete the construction work.

Furthermore, if the people to whom you assign this task don't have any experience with traffic control, the chances of them doing it incorrectly could be high. They might, for example, allow a vehicle to drive through the work area whilst there is some construction equipment lying on the road (which could result in the vehicle getting a flat tyre). Similarly, they might routinely allow long lines of vehicles to pass through without stopping them and in doing so, force their other team members who are trying to do the construction work to constantly stop and start their tasks.

Conversely, if you have a trained traffic marshal present, not only will you be able to utilise your entire construction team and get your project finished in the shortest time possible but you also won't have to deal with any problems caused by poor traffic management.

You won't have to spend money on traffic control equipment

It would make sense for a person who regularly does road-based construction work to buy their own traffic control equipment (such as a set of portable traffic lights, traffic cones, reflective traffic warning signs, etc.). However, if this construction project is a one-off, then the economical approach would be to use a traffic control service, which will provide the signage and equipment you need for the duration of the construction work. The cost of using this service, which will include not only the provision of this equipment but also the services of the traffic marshal, would be far less than the cost of buying, maintaining and storing your own equipment.

Additionally, you won't need to waste any of your time setting up and learning how to operate the portable traffic lights (as the traffic marshal can do this for you) and can instead focus entirely on your construction project.

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