Organising a successful construction project can turn out to be quite stressful. When it comes to hiring plant equipment, there are several key aspects to consider before committing to a supplier. As usual, the price factor will play a significant role while hiring. However, it would help if you didn't overly focus on price alone since it can cost you more down the line. 

There are several other things you must consider as a priority too. Here are three essential factors you shouldn't overlook when hiring plant equipment. 

Inquire the Equipment's Age

The age of plant equipment you want to hire is a vital consideration and one that you can easily miss. That's especially true when the plant hire company is offering more competitive prices for older equipment. However, new equipment might be a better option for you and your needs. Carefully consider the age of the equipment as well as the cost when making a decision.

Determine Your Supplier's Service Response

Having a fall-back plan for any eventuality is key to your project. That should similarly apply to the selection of a plant supplier. Always inquire about the service response offered by the company. How swift are they when it comes to responding to an equipment breakdown? Do they provide 24/7 plant support?

While response time is vital, it's not the only factor to consider when it comes to the ideal support level to be offered by a supplier. Consultation is highly critical in vendor selection. You can find suppliers who are ready to offer bespoke plant hire solutions as well. For instance, work with a company that can offer a bespoke solution to accommodate rough terrains that can potentially cause punctures to plant machinery. 

Health and Safety are Vital

Health and safety are key considerations you can't afford to ignore. As a project manager, you have a duty of determining whether the plant hire service has put in place appropriate health and safety measures. Routine maintenance procedures are extremely important to ensure the equipment performs optimally and upholds the operator's safety. 

Simple tasks, such as checking for tyre damage, will ensure you don't encounter punctures that can cause unnecessary delays. You should ask your supplier about the measures they put in place to ensure the safety of plant equipment. 

Finally, some companies may provide additional safety programs and features that are worth your consideration.  To strike the best deal, consider companies that offer services that extend beyond the equipment itself.

Reach out to a professional who provides plant hire to learn more.