Skylights are a great addition to any home. Usually manufactured from laminated or tempered glass, these structures are windows that are installed directly into the roof of your house. And while this installation can be done later on, it is always best to have it done during the construction phase of your new home build since the process will not be as labour-intensive nor as expensive.

If you are at the roofing stage of your custom build, you could be wondering if investing in skylights will be ideal for your home, as the last thing you want is to have them removed later. The following summary of skylights is a must-read for all first time buyers who are looking to determine if this will be a worthwhile investment for their home.

What options are available to you?

Similar to regular windows, skylights come in a variety of options. Additionally, these options can be further customised to suit every household's needs so you should not worry about limited choices. The main categories that you can look into are:

  • Fixed skylights: Undoubtedly the most common skylights in the market, fixed skylights are immobile. Hence, they are primarily employed for natural light since they do not allow for any ventilation.
  • Ventilated skylights: As implied by the name, these skylights allow a breeze into the home when needed. They are characterised by their hinged frame so you can open and close them for fresh air at will.
  • Tubular skylights: Tubular skylights are available in both the fixed and ventilated variety but instead of a hinge, these skylights are designed with a fan extraction system. The main thing that makes tubular skylights stand out is their miniature size, making them ideally suited for homeowners with limited room on their roof.

What degree of upkeep do skylights require?

Generally, all skylights will need routine inspections regardless of the type since the older they get, the more vulnerable they become to leaks. Hence, you must have a professional come and inspect and repair the seals on a scheduled basis to prevent undue roof leaks. Ventilated skylights will also need more maintenance than their fixed counterparts since they are prone to condensation, which can lead to rusting of the hinge, mildew in your roof and so on. Lastly, dust, organic debris and other particles should be cleaned routinely to prevent scratches on the material.

Contact a skylight window manufacturer for more information.