Do you have an upcoming construction project? Choosing suitable construction materials should be among your top priorities. That's because the choice of building material will often have a significant impact on your construction costs, the ease of handling and transporting the material, and the strength and longevity of the structure. Structural steel is among the most popular construction materials worth considering. It has many advantages compared to other options. Here is what you stand to gain by using structural steel for your project.

Strength and Durability

Steel is naturally strong. Its high tensile strength and strength-to-weight ratio make it a suitable material for your building. The material can withstand exceptional amounts of stress, which is ideal for high-rise buildings and areas that experience earthquakes, cyclones and thunderstorms.

Structural steel's longevity can also be attributed to its high resistance to many elements that would otherwise affect its structural integrity. First, the material is highly resistant to fire, making it ideal if you live in a region that's prone to fire outbreaks. It is also pest and insect resistant, which is usually a concern for other materials like wood. Steel also performs well when it comes to moisture resistance. You don't have to worry about moisture damage if you live in a highly humid or rainy area.

Flexibility In Design

Design flexibility is another advantage that comes with using structural steel in your project. The material can be moulded or formed into different shapes, unlike other materials such as concrete or wood. The ability to create these endless shapes makes it possible to achieve complex structural designs.

Structural steel's design flexibility also comes with future adaptability. Generally, steel framing tends to be much easier to modify than other framing styles. Whether adding levels to the steel building or floor openings for vertical shafts, new staircases, etc., it is easy to achieve this with structural steel. The wide openings that come with structural steel beams create an open plan design, which enhances the structure's malleability when making modifications.

Speedy Construction

Are you pressed for time and want your project completed as soon as possible? Structural steel may be your solution. First, structural steel construction generally involves the use of prefabricated items that are then installed on-site. What's more, unlike other materials like concrete and even wood, construction isn't affected by weather conditions, and you don't have to wait for your steel beams to cure. A reduced construction timeline has cost implications because it reduces the paid labour hours, making the project more cost-friendly.

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