You may need to work with a wall framing service so that you can get help with installing the exterior and interior walls in your new home, or so that you can get help with a big renovation that you're working on. Either way, if you aren't particularly familiar with this service, you might want a little more information about what goes into working with them. For example, you might be curious about the steps that you'll need to follow. This varies between projects, but these are usually some of the steps that go along with working with a wall framing service.

Get to the Wall Framing Stage

If you are having walls framed and installed in an existing home — such as if you are making renovations to your existing home — then you may be ready to work with a wall framing service right away. Wall framing should happen before many other types of renovations should take place, such as painting. However, if you are having a home built from the ground up, things like foundation installation and subflooring installation will need to happen before you can begin having walls installed. Of course, you don't actually have to wait until this point to simply call the company. Instead, you can call them beforehand and ask them which point of your project you should be in before they will send someone out to frame your new walls.

Providing Exact Information About Where Walls Will Be Installed

It's important to provide exact information about where you want walls to be installed, how those walls should be installed and more. This might be a good time for your wall framing contractor to speak to your general contractor — if you have one — so that they can learn about things like where you need to have load-bearing walls installed so your new walls will work with your project. If you have building plans or blueprints for your project, you should give a copy to the wall framing service, since these building plans should include information about which types and sizes of lumber should be used, where and how the walls should be framed and more.

Waiting for the Work to Be Done

There might be a brief delay with some of the other work that needs to be done when building or renovating a home while the wall framing is being done. For example, your electrical contractors might not come out to install electrical wiring until the walls have been framed. Fortunately, if you work with the right wall framing service, they should get their work done well while also getting it done quickly, which can help you avoid unnecessarily lengthy delays with having the rest of your work done. Contact a wall frame service for more information.