Are you a farmer struggling to ensure your crops receive sufficient water? For crops to grow to be strong and healthy, they must have enough water. If you live in an environment with regular rainfall, that may provide everything that your crops need. If you live somewhere that is naturally drier, you must find a way of irrigating the land so that your crops do not start to wither. If your property and fields are close to the mains water supply, you could take the water you need straight from there, but if the crops you want to supply are further away, you may have to use a different solution.

Using water from your land

If you cannot get water from the mains water system, you could install rainwater tanks to store the rainwater until you need it. Alternatively, you could use water from any borehole, river or lake on your property. While these options can provide the water you need, you will need a way to move the water from where it is to where you want to use it. Water pumps can be a great solution since the pumps are available in many types and sizes. They make it easy to transfer water from one location to another with higher operational efficiency and lower power costs than alternative pump designs. Water pumps work well, whether you are moving water from tank to tank or whether you want a pump that is sufficiently portable to undertake an activity such as boom spraying or sheep jetting.

How else could you use Davey water pumps?

Irrigation may be the main reason that you want to use water pumps, but there are lots of ways to make use of your water pumps when you are not carrying out irrigation. One of the most obvious times you might want to use a pump is when your home has suffered from a flood. Having a water pump available to transfer the unwanted water out of your home could help to dry out your property or prevent more extensive damage from being caused. Similarly, a pump could be useful in a bushfire. If you live in an area prone to fires, having a pump available to fight the fire could prevent the flames from claiming your property.

To find out more about the advantages of purchasing a water pump, like a Davey water pump, speak to a local supplier.