If you're looking for a way to upgrade your home with new window coverings, you could consider plantation shutters. Here are several benefits they offer.


Plantation shutters are a versatile design, suiting diverse home styles. For example, they look timeless in a traditional dining room with burgundy walls. But they look equally at home in a modern, all-white kitchen or a zen-inspired bathroom. This flexibility lets you redesign your home in a new style if you wish while keeping the shutters. They come in a range of neutral and bold colours to harmonise with diverse colour palettes.

Light Control

Plantation shutters are practical, too, offering plenty of ways for you to control light and privacy. You can angle the blades in different directions to deflect incoming daylight upwards or downwards. Alternatively, you can position them to create pleasing patterns of dappled sunshine. Different blade widths will have varied effects.

You can also efficiently darken a room. The shutters fit snugly within the window frame, so they don't allow light to flow around the sides and bottom, as tends to happen with blinds. Additionally, you can fit hinged or bi-fold models that let you open the shutters entirely.

Material Options

Another benefit of plantation shutters is the material alternatives. You might love the look of stained timber, which can also be painted. The timber species will need to cope with the setting. So if you fit them externally to the windows, they need to suit outdoor use. Aluminium shutters can be used on both sides of the window. They especially work in kitchens and bathrooms because of their water-resistant nature. Aluminium blades are often slimmer than chunky timber ones.

PVC plantation shutters are also available. Like aluminium, they can withstand the humidity of wet areas as they won't warp or rot. Vinyl can be embossed with texture, too, creating faux timber shutters. If you're installing shutters for an entire home, vinyl's lower cost can help keep the budget on track.


Another advantage of plantation shutters is that their configuration lets you control the breeze more than most indoor window coverings. Curtains and blinds flap around in the wind. They can be annoying and have little effect. Because plantation shutters fit securely within a frame, they let you filter the breeze to lessen its strength. You can angle the blades to almost block the current or let it freely flow through your house.

For more information about shutters, contact a contractor.